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  • KINDRED KNITTERS: Plagued by UFOs? Compatible knitters may be the answer. By Meg Swansen
  • PALETTES & PATTERNS: British designer Dee Hardwicke interprets the beauty of the natural world, then shares it with the rest of us. By Daryl Brower
  • BROOKLYN BOY MAKES GOOD: Louis Boria of Brooklyn Boy Knits is spreading warmth and positivity. By Christina Behnke


  • OPEN SEASON: Crisp white lace and eyelets let the sun shine in.
  • SUMMER TAN: Sandy hues hold pride of place in every summer wardrobe.
  • GOING WITH THE FLO: Florence Spurling parlays her passion for textiles into a multifaceted design business.
  • A STITCH IN TIME: If knitting is the canvas, let embroidery be the paint.
  • FROM THE TOP: Warm-weather knitting is all about tanks and tees.
  • NET ASSET: Drop stitches are the key to achieving a floral motif in a net-like knit.
  • ONE-TRACK MIND: Amy Gunderson does it all.
  • CAPTIVATING COLOR: Give your spirits a boost with multiseasonal knits in bold, uplifting colorways.

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