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TWENTY MINUTES WITH CARLA PARKES: The Yarn Whisperer speaks to Daryl Brower about the siren call of sock stitching.
SPOTLIGHT ON: COMBAT KNITTERS: Members of the U.S. military use knitting to battle the stresses of working in a war zone. By Daryl Brower
MEG SWANSEN: HOOKS AND LADDERS - Meg on crochet techniques every knitter should know.
IT'S ELEMENTAL!: A handful of knitters steeped in the sciences have found unalloyed success merging left-brain logic with right-brain creativity. By Cheryl Krementz
WILD KIDS, PRIMITIVE SHEEP: A day at the 4-H fair opened a wild-and-woolly new chapter in the life of a family who now raise rare sheep. By Rebecca Klassen


  • Relax with casually stunning sweaters and striking stitched décor.
  • Brighten the gray haze of the winter cityscape with capes as scarlet as a rose.
  • The accent is on artistry in our collection of sumptuous accessories.
  • Our favorite Seventh Avenue deconstructionist does “pretty” beautifully.
  • Marquee milliner Lola Ehrlich’s turbans revive old-school glam.
  • Knitted skirts for gals on the prowl.

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