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  • SPOTLIGHT - THE CENTER FOR KNIT AND CROCHET PROJECT: Could the fiber arts soon see a bona fide museum dedicated to its storied heritage? A devoted yarn-shop owner and growing group of starry supporters are working hard to make this dream a reality.
  • MEG SWANSEN: EZ classic Icelandic Overblouse, reimagined in stockinette stitch.
  • DEBORAH NEWTON: The designer on stress-free intarsia knitting.
  • THE ORDER OF THE GARTER: All knit, all the time has its distinct advantages. By Carol Sulcoski
  • TAKING A VACATION FROM GAUGE: Interesting things happen when you ignore what's written on the ball band. By Robyn M. Schrager


  • KNIT RED: Taking fashion's pulse, we present a valentine to great style and long life: eleven elaborately cabled studies in scarlet designed in support of Stitch Red, the knitting industry's love letter to women's heart health.
  • ABSOLUTE CITRON: Zesty lemon and lime infuse the perfect turtleneck with zingy flavor and a robust dose of vitamins K and P.
  • AU NATUREL: It's oh-so-nice to knit Mother Nature, in pictorial forms of lush bouquets and wild-at-heart animal prints.
  • MAD ABOUT BLUE: Blues in winter are as mercurial as the season, spanning the spectrum from icy frost to saturated sky.
  • INTRODUCING MICHAEL BASTIAN: The award-winning men's-wear designer debuts a show-stopping reversible Fair Isle cardigan from his new Michael Bastian by Josh Bennett collection.
  • KEEP IT CASUAL: A trio of dapper designers discuss why their men's sweaters are the prefect look for dress-down days at the office and beyond.

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