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  • SPOTLIGHT: LOTUS YARNS: Luxury fibers from China—cashmere, bamboo, silk, yak and domesticated mink, among them—make their way stateside.
  • REBECCA DANGER: MONSTEROUSLY CUTE: The creative knit-toy maven discusses the ins and outs of creature comforts. By Daryl Brower
  • MEG SWANSEN: THE EVOLUTION OF INVISIBLE CAST ON/OFF: A popular (though sometimes laborious) technique undergoes a rebirth.
  • DEBORAH NEWTON: SHEER ENGINEERING: Finishing a project through thick-and-thin: Tips for neatly and elegantly joining fine-gauge and worsted-weight yarns.
  • ADRIENNE SLOANE: THE ART OF WAR: Meet a fascinating fiber artist who sculpts and knits to “rejoin the frayed and unraveled places” around her. By Rebecca Klassen
  • LOUISA HARDING’S COLLARFUL ADDITIONS: Decorative collars stitch up quickly, ready to lend “ruff” charm to any neckline.


  • SHEER MAGIC: Breezy seafoam, airy lace: It’s a fashion fusion as refreshing as spring itself.
  • OPTICAL ILLUSION: Boldface black and white combine in knits that are graphically novel.
  • DYNAMIC DUO: Tom Scott and Anna Sui drape to perfection.
  • PARLOR PASTELS: The lightest hint of tint boasts the most elegant pedigree for filigree.
  • COTTON SOFT: T-shirt yarns imbue crisp classics with casual coziness.

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