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  • AN ELEGANT UNIVERSE: Scientist/knitter Cecelia Campochiaro cracks the code on a brave new knitting formula.
  • MEG SWANSEN: Catching up with double-knitting pioneer M’Lou Baber.
  • THE SOUL OF A NEW PARTNERSHIP: Designer Deborah Newton and North Light Fibers team up to aid maritime workers
  • CREATION MYTH: Author Robin Romm on knitting for other people’s children.


  • THE TEAL DEAL: Refined knits in this cool blue-green jewel tone.
  • MORE SPLASH THAN CASH: Trend-forward looks for as little as $40.
  • MIXED MEDIA: Different yarns and textures blend to create captivating boho-couture looks.
  • GRAPHIC CONTENT: An enduring trend, black and white throw any pattern into high relief.
  • DOUBLE TAKE: A behind-the-scenes look at four renowned doubleknitting experts, whose breathtaking designs show us what’s possible with two colors and a bit of ingenuity.

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