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  • RAINBOW CONNECTIONS: Meet dyer extraordinaire Laura Bryant, founder of Prism Yarn, on the eve of the company’s thirtieth anniversary.
  • MEG SWANSEN: JUST DON'T CALL THEM SOX: How a fifteen-year correspondence helped preserve Scottish kilt-hose patterns for future generations.
  • DEBORAH NEWTON: DEEP POCKETS: An ode to one of Newton’s favorite embellishments: the patch pocket.
  • KNIT FOR LIFE: The Craft Yarn Council has collected scientific evidence that shows what we’ve always believed is true: Knitting, crochet and other needlecrafts can help keep you healthy—and sane.


  • THE FINE ART OF KNITTING: Lacy cardis are the paragon of feminine elegance.
  • NICOLE MILLER: The 7th Avenue mainstay continues to make waves.
  • THE MODERN GENTLEMEN: Fine and dandy looks for him.
  • A CERTAIN JE NE SAIS QUOI: Retro alert! Openwork tees channel cool gamine style.
  • CHECK, PLEASE: Ikat-like shifts of color create striking colorblock patterning on an elegant reversible wrap.
  • TURN, TURN, TURN: Sleeves here, a turtleneck there: Switch up a sweater’s features and motifs to take it from spring to fall in style.

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