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THE KNITTING MAN(UAL) presents a dynamic collection of clothing and accessories that regular guys actually want to wear. Designed to appeal to both male and female knitters, the 20+ projects are based on traditional silhouettes interpreted with modern colors and construction. Reflecting author Kristin Spurkland's Scandinavian roots, with a little vintage inspiration woven in, these straight-up and stylish projects‚ Nordic Hats, Sleeveless Hoodie, Go Anywhere Gloves, Saturday Morning Slippers, Retro Vest, Everyday Sweater, and more‚ Ä range in complexity for knitters of all skill levels. Featuring technique photographs, clear instructions, and options for customizing yarn colors and pattern styles,

THE KNITTING MAN(UAL) is a must-have guide that women will love to knit from‚ and men won't be embarrassed to buy. No tacky fitted sweaters or his-and-her vests here. These patterns were created by the designer and knitting teacher after a male student told her about his frustration with male patterns. From hiking socks to a sporty pullover, these patterns scream practicality and casual-cool.

Kristin Spurkland's THE KNITTING MAN(UAL) will be treasured by guy and girl knitters for a long, long time.

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