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Featuring 31 beautiful designs (including 2 men's sweaters)

Summer is almost over - but our good mood and that fresh feeling, they'll stay. Because this magazine is your magic formula for sheer joy of life. 52 pages full of fashionable outfits. And, what means a lot to us, is that we don't just show you how to knit up these most beautiful of designs, but also show you how to combine them fashionably too. But one thing we can tell you now already: bright colors are the absolute hit this fall. With combinations of red and pink or lilac, yellow and Bordeaux red, you'll be at the forefront of fashion. This fall the neutral outfits are upgraded with bright accents and bold shades of color - as bright as a rustling forest of leaves. Also at the forefront: fur in all variations - from details like collars or ribbings or welts, to the complete outfit, sometimes in neutral shades, sometimes in bold ones.
The classic Navy-look is re-interpreted. For all those who like relief patterns and cables. A true treasure-trove of new ideas. Anything and everything is possible in the new season. From light and breezy yarns, to voluminous qualities. For some designs the yarn just can't be thick enough. And others captivate by their lightness.

Includes the following designs:

1. Hat with Cable Stripe
2. Cable Sweater with Round Yoke
3. Mottled Coat
4. Violet Dress
5. Hooded Jacket with Cable Pattern
6. Cyclamen Hat
7. Endless Scarf
8. Hooded Scarf
9. Mottled Cable Sweater
10. Arm Warmers
11. Man's Sweater with Wide Stripes
12. Mottled Brown Tweed Coat
13. Mottled Skirt with Flounce
14. Gray Mohair Dress
15. Tweed Dress
16. Poncho in Anthracite
17. Bell-Shaped Fluffy Jacket
18. Fluffy Top with Hood
19. Mottled Fluffy Gray Vest
20. Hooded Collar
21. Striped Poncho
22. Long Cable Sweater
23. Man's Sweater with Cables
24. Long Cable Sweater in Navy
25. Cable Sweater with Low Neck
26. Blue-and-White Jacquard Sweater
27. Top in Fisherman's Rib with Wide Collar
28. Red Sweater with Roll Collar (cover)
29. Fluffy Green Jacket
30. Cape
31. Orange-and-Yellow Striped Sweater

Rebecca's are well-known for their modern, creative, cutting-edge designs.

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