KNIT SIMPLE WINTER 2009/10 - The Knit Studio


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A Winter Wonderland
Chic coats and cardis keep you warm when Mother Nature beckons you into the cold.
Out & About
We call them chill-chasers—hats, scarves, mitts and slippers that banish subzero temperatures.
Square Necessities
Granny-square blankets are the hippest crocheted afghans around.
Amy's Ark
Kids’ knits designer Amy Bahrt shares a thing or two about creature comforts.
Stripe It Rich
Mother/son striped sweaters are a family affair.
Make It Work
Looking professional doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.
Feet First
Sock knitting is the hottest trend going. We show you how to stitch a pair, from cuff to heel to toe.

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