Madelinetosh was created by Amy Hendrix: Dyer, mama, and passionate color theory and crafting educator. Madelinetosh represents curated colors dyed with care on wholesome, ethically sourced and dyed wools. They celebrate rich, abundant color and natural fibers.

Their yarns use/are:

*  All Natural Fibers
*  Locally Dyed by Hand in Texas
*  Hand-Crafted using Traditional Methods in Small Dye Batches
*  Wool Ethically Sourced from Peruvian and South African Spinning Mills
*  Low Impact Organic Compound Dyes / Good for U & Good for the Earth
*  Packaging uses 90% recycled materials
*  Packaging products are made in the USA

Homegrown in the USA, Madelinetosh yarns come in dazzling colors. Designer Amy Hendrix wanted to bring a spectrum of colors to life with her yarns, and add brightness to even the most natural fibers. Perfect choices if you want to bring some color pops to your all-natural or luxury creations!