Jill Zielinski, aka Knitterella®, is a graphic designer with a passion to knit. Through the two she created Knitterella® and has been having a blast doing what she loves.

Jill found a way to combine her love for graphic design and her passion for knitting by creating a unique line of note cards for knitters. She named her business Knitterella® and has been adding fun, bold, whimsical designs to her stationery line ever since. With her best selling humor gift tags leading the way, Knitterella® stationery is the perfect accessory that any knitter (or crafter) would love.

Recently, Jill has entered the world of knitwear design. With the success of her first pattern, the Smocked Slouch, published in 2011, she found a love for creating stylish and simply constructed designs.

The best part of it all is that Jill’s a work-at-home-mom. She works from a home studio in Michigan where she lives with her husband and two young sons. Between cookie-breaks and kissing skinned knees, Jill finds a way to incorporate knitting and design into her daily life.