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Grab your needles, pack your yarn, and get ready for one of the greatest tours around the world. PieceWork magazine brings you the latest issue of Knitting Traditions, a 148-page special publication. Explore the amazingly rich traditions of knitting from all over the world. Start your tour in the British Isles and make your way to the mainland of Europe; adventure through countries like Switzerland, Norway, Estonia, and Russia. Then wind your way into Asia to the Gobi Desert and East India. Next, journey to South America and the Andes. End your tour in the US with some intriguing stories from the prairie. Indulge your passion for knitting with unique patterns inspired by these different regions, plus a special gift section so you can share your fervor for knitting.

There is so much to explore with Knitting Traditions, Fall 2011. Inside you'll find:

  • Over 35 patterns from all over the world, designed by master knitters like Nancy Bush, Margaret Stove, Galina Khmeleva, Evelyn Clark, as well as the popular Scottish Kilt Hose by Audrey Manwaring-Spencer
  • Inspiring and informative companion stories that frame the projects with cultural and historical context, taking you to the heart of knitting from around the world.
  • Focuses on techniques ranging from lace and colorwork to heel treatments of the 16th century, with various projects like stockings, socks, mittens, shawls, and sweaters to accompany.
  • And so much more.

Knitting Traditions brings the extraordinary history of knitting to life!

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