Conjoined Creations

Founded in 2004 and still enjoyed today by Mary Arnold and Colleen East, Conjoined Creations is the manufacturer of the “Colors with Attitude” yarns, including the Flat Feet line.

What’s the buzz? Flat Feet is the new concept as there are no skeins, no balls, no tangles! The yarn is presented in a commercially knit stockinette “flat” which has been handpainted. You simply unravel as you knit. Do not wind into a ball. Knit directly from the flat into the sock of your choice.

Because each flat is hand-painted, no other pair will match the flats; these are “art sock”, one-of-a kind. The unique color pattern develops as the flat is knit.

Uniquely, the colors in the blank will not disclose the final result of the sock; it only indicates the colors that will be found within the sock. Your needles drip color as you, the artist, create socks that are solely (no pun intended) your own.

Offered in three basic colorways--warms, cools and neutrals--and three different intensities: bright, subdued and pale.

Conjoined Creations has a variety of other luxury hand-dyed fibers as well as pattern support on Ravelry.

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