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With the publication of Katie Boyette's third book Wearable KnitWits, fans can now have their monsters and wear them, too. After writing two books of toy patterns, Boyette is excited to take a totally new direction: wearables. And it all began with a pair of giant feet. A couple of years ago, she decided to knit a pair of slippers that looked like monster feet. They were an instant hit with both kids and adults, and even better, everyone who saw them was reduced to fits of giggles: a perfect combination of silliness and functionality. In Wearable KnitWits you'll find patterns that are cute, stylish, or just downright silly, but they're all designed to elicit a smile, such as: the Accordian Hand Warmer, Baby Monster socks, Cable Knit Yeti Scarf, Cyclops Monster Hat, and 16 more designs.

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