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  • COLOR, CAKE, AND CAMARADERIE: Aimée Osbourn-Gille serves up tea along with hand-dyed delights at her Parisian knit café.
  • JONAH’S HANDS: Crochet prodigy Jonah Larson.
  • SWING TIME: How to flatter with A-line shaping, explained by Meg Swansen.
  • A FLOCK OF HER OWN: Charis Walker tends to heritage sheep and the land they graze.


  • BOLD COLOR, 3-D POP: Bright, fun accessories in exaggerated stitches.
  • A KALEIDOSCOPIC EYE: British designer Georgia Farrell is inspired by art and architecture.
  • BUILT ENVIRONMENT: Designer Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton lives life on her own terms.
  • OPEN AND SHUT: Four cardigans make the case for versatile style—with or without buttons.
  • KNITTING, SERIOUSLY: Julia Farwell-Clay melds techniques, colors, shapes, and textures into one folkloric pullover.
  • GARDEN PARTY: This curated collection takes feminine cables and lace from dreamy to dramatic.

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