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  • POP LIFE: Modern Art–inspired knits in a colorful collage of personal style
  • LIGHT & SHADOW: Chiaroscuro lighting borrowed from Renaissance painting
  • AMERICAN LANDSCAPE: Knits inspired by the landscapes of Wyeth, Hopper & Sargent


  • KNITTING ON WITH MEG: The quirks of a knitter’s mind
  • KNITTING UNDER THE OLIVE TREES: Catarina Seixas paints a picture of the simple life, close to the land and her knitting
  • MARKING TIME WITH CRAFT: An artist’s work tracks the passage of time
  • 10 QUESTIONS: Wei Wilkins brings her unique, cross-cultural perspective to a wider knitting community
  • WEARING WOOL: Wardrobe staples support the sheep
  • CHIAROSCURO: Knits play with light and shadow
  • OUR COMMON THREADS: A conversation with Ana Campos and Felicity (Felix) Ford about the cowl pattern created by Vogue Knitting Live’s Diversity Advisory Council
  • INTARSIA LIVE YOUR LIFE IN COLOR: Manage your yarns with ease and get perfect edges every time

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