ADDI EASYKNIT - The Knit Studio


  • $20.99

Brand: Skacel
Craft: Knitting
Material: Brass
Type: Circular
Length: 10 IN
Country of Manufacture: Germany

addi EasyKnit circulars are a clever design that allows easier knitting in a small circumference. These 10” circular needles feature one short tip and one long tip to help you comfortably grasp the needle while knitting! They also feature addi’s signature tips: a hollow brass core that offers strength and very light weight, plus turbo plating that provides a smooth ride for your stitches.

You can choose one of two styles – either a Turbo point (rounded) or a Rocket/Lace point (sharp) on the longer working tip; the shorter tip is a rounded Turbo point on both styles.

Actual needle lengths: The longer tip is approximately 2.75" long while the shorter tip is approximately 1.75" long.

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