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  • SPOTLIGHT ON: RUTH MARSHALL: This artist's knitted wildcat pelts teach an interesting eco lesson.
  • MEG SWANSEN: TO PURL OR NOT TO PURL?: Meg explores the power of this oft underestimated stitch.
  • NICKY EPSTEIN: Elegantly twisted I-cord dresses up store-bought pillows.
  • THE PILES THAT BIND: Carol Sulcoski explains how yarn blends fit into the grand fiber scheme.


  • IT'S ALL WHITE NOW: Spring-clean your wardrobe with the purest palette.
  • UNDER COVER: Designer layers give your look uncommon depth.
  • SHEER BEAUTY:At water's edge, beachwear on fashion's cutting edge.
  • SO HOT IT SIZZLES: Teeny bikinis in smoldering metallics are sure to get you noticed.
  • SET OFF SPARKS: This is no ordinary top: Things get really interesting when you turn around.
  • POSTCARDS FROM RIO: Zingy brights bring a taste of Carnaval to warm-weather knits.
  • SUMMERTIME BLUES: Sea and be seen in teal, turquise and sapphire

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