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  • SPOTLIGHT ON: NAMASTE: Meet a company whose knitting-accessory outlook is a true family affair.
  • MEG SWANSEN: KNIT 2 TOGETHER: When it came to knitwear design, Meg and EZ were living proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  • BEYOND KITCHENER STITCH: An in-depth look at Kitchener, plus ways to graft combinations of knit and purl stitches using charts. By Joni Coniglio
  • PROJECT KNITWEAR: Project Runway alum Gordana Gehlhausen makes it work with needles and yarn.


  • ENCHANTED LACE: Lavish capelets hark back to the Jazz Age.
  • DECORATIVE DETAILS: Intricate stitchwork, also inspired by the flapper era.
  • SOFT AND SENSUAL: Mohair's ethereal halo lends itself to sheer perfection.
  • GLOBAL FUSION: The earthy elegance of classic warm-weather knitting.
  • ON NEUTRAL GROUND: Lutz & Patmos and Twinkle take their hue cues from the season's natural palette.
  • IVORY COAST: A lacy bounty of beachwear in shades of pearl.
  • NECK AND NEXT: Summer scarves dress up barred shoulders in a very cool way.

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