ROWAN MAGAZINE 54 - The Knit Studio


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Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine No. 54 (ZM54) features handknitting and crochet designs from Marie Wallin • Martin Storey • Sarah Hatton • Brandon Mably • Kaffe Fassett • Julia Frank • Lisa Richardson • Josh Bennett Amanda Crawford • Vibe Ulrik • Gemma Atkinson • Kate Davis • Jennie Atkinson.

3 Stories are featured:
ROMANCING…. inspired by the dark beauty found in haunting and mysterious landscapes. The mood of this exquisitely beautiful collection is dark but romantic and sometimes sinister with a touch of gothic.
FOLK… is inspired by traditional folk patterns. A patchwork of reclaimed layering pieces, pay homage to richly patterned kilims and rugs to create a rich tapestry of colour and texture.
ESSENTIALS… continues to promote the key shapes of the season in a simpler and more accessible way.

• Knitwear sits centre stage of the fashion world creating the drama for the season ahead, with many of the catwalk designers having drawn inspiration for their collections from historic references such as the Baroque.

• We seek comfort in our home life and the importance of homemade commodities. Fashion is looking to the handicraft textiles of Eastern Europe and the nomadic lifestyle.

• Rustic and sober, is a strong movement in design, with brocades, rich embroideries and the use of shimmering metallic yarns coming through.

• Yarn for winter 2013/2014 explores many textures and surfaces - a season where the plain and elaborate co-exist.

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