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Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine No. 49 (ZM49) features handknitting and crochet designs from Marie Wallin, Martin Storey, Kaffe Fassett, Erika Knight, Sarah Dallas, Brandon Mably, Grace Melville, Lisa Richardson, Amanda Crawford, Sarah Hatton and Jennie Atkinson.

The new spring 2011 season sees knitwear at the heart of the major clothing trends – somewhat unusual for a summer season. Yarns explore the extremes of ultra fine and the sexily see through to the more dense textured and natural yarns. In fashion knitwear design, this is translated into diaphanous, lingerie-like, draping styles in fine and hazy yarns. Lace (open and fine), crochet (antique and freeform) and cut out neckline, sleeve and shoulder details all form an intrinsic part of being transparent. Transparency is a key direction for the season and is shown in its many guises in all the main trends.

We are starting to demand transparency in our day to day lives, not only from our politicians and bankers but from society in general. As a contrast, a major trend emerges from the need to return to simplicity and lead a more sustainable life. This trend has been steadily increasing over the last few years and is fast becoming a life philosophy for many people. As we aim to be more honest, we invest in craft to create beautiful items that will be cherished and kept as well as being durable and functional. Yarns with imperfections, irregularities and having a raw appearance are important with cotton, linen and hemp being the fibres of choice. Dry touch handles and rustic coloured effects, also add to this influential trend. The layered silhouette and the general overall look will be the major factor for garment styling this season. Garments will no longer be perceived as single, unique pieces but as elements incorporated through layering into the total silhouette.

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