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Brand: Schulana
Fiber Content: 80% angora, 20% nylon
Weight: Fine / Sport (2)
Gauge: 5.5 sts = 1 inch
Weight/Yardage: 25g / 123 yards
Care: Hand Wash, Dry Flat
Country of Origin: Italy

The excellent quality of this Angora yarn is because the Angora rabbits may only be combed.  Angora rabbits only give off high quality hair if they are kept and cared for properly. In order to achieve excellent quality, the Angora rabbits must not be brutally shorn or plucked, but only combed. The velvety "softness" and the healthy shine of the Angora fiber is the result of fair animal husbandry, far from stress and violence.

This ethically produced yarn comes from a family business in Montale since it was launched over fifteen years ago in Tuscany.

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