KNITOLOGIE - The Knit Studio


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Features several unique knitting projects that can be personalized through monogramming. 

Knitlogie is one of the only books that focuses primarily on monogramming. It is the first publication in a series of six craft books by Lucy Main Tweet. It features benefical tips on knitting for all levels of competency in order to make elegant items. The main subject of this book is several projects that are personalized through monogramming. 

Lucy Main Tweet had two major influences in life: extensive experience in the fashion industry and her childhood memories when she first learned to knit. Now she has combined both of her passions into Knitologie. Inspired by her mother, who calls knitting a pastime for a lifetime, Lucy loved picking out new yarns with textures and variegated colors. Her relationship with her mother grew closer through their shared knitting experiences. This pastime for a lifetime has long united generations from grandparents to grandchildren. Lucy has translated her unique perspective into Knitologie, giving even the amateur knitter an immediate feeling of accomplishment.

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