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The history and techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls.  Readers are led step-by-step through the history and techniques of creating beautiful and rare Russian heirloom shawls with this detailed guide.

Khmeleva, who teaches Orenburg lace-knitting workshops in the United States, here chronicles the history of the fine gossamer shawls produced by knitters in the steppes of the southern Ural mountain range. The books primary focus is on shawl design, planning, and knitting, as the authors lead the reader through a sample miniature shawl. A charted stitch and border dictionary and instructions for a full-sized Eastern Star gossamer shawl are provided for those who wish to create one. Interviews with shawl knitters and the details of a shawl-buying party the authors attended at the home of a Muslim Tatar family in Orenburg make particularly fascinating reading. 

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