KNIT SIMPLE WINTER 2019 - The Knit Studio


  • $7.99


  • WARM UP TO WINTER: As temperatures drop and you need that added bit of warmth, hoods and neck warmers fit the bill.
  • PUT IT IN NEUTRAL: A subtle palette and classic shaping let design elements take center stage.
  • FEATHER YOUR NEST: Piles of pillows and a bevy of blankets at the ready for days when you just want to hibernate.
  • WINNING COLORS: Shades of green and white give this afghan a distinctly sporty mien, but other palettes are a treat as well for those who prefer the sidelines.
  • SHOULDER TO SHOULDER: More than a wrap but less than a sweater, ponchos have you covered in style on those in-between days.
  • NORTHERN LIGHTS: Icy blue and white combine in winter woolens, just the thing for snow-day smuggles and wonderland walks.

The right stuff for every knitting bag, Colorful socks.

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