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Private Lessons

  Instructors and Offerings                      
    Skill Level Taught   Days Available Times   How to Assess  
  Knitting New Beginners Intermediate Advanced   T W T F S Available   Your Current Skill Level  
  Katie Clark X X X     X X X X X Any     N B I A  
  Judy McNeil     X X     X X X   Early Morning   Knit   X X X  
                            Purl   X X X  
  Crochet New Beginners Intermediate Advanced                 Cast-On     X X  
  Katie Clark X X X X           X Any   Bind-Off     X X  
                            Finish       X  
                            Block       X  
                            Sew       X  
  Private Lesson Information                                
  Private Lessons are available from the individual instructors and at hourly rates set by the instructor.   Private lessons can be for an individual or small group.          
  All private lessons are required to be held during regular store hours with material purchased from The Knit Studio.                      
  Special arrangements can be made for after-hours private lessons at the store for larger groups.                            
  Private Lesson requests can be made via the instructor's profile page or by inquiring with a staff member at The Knit Studio.                  
  Private Group Classes available "Upon Request" are not currently scheduled but may be requested for groups of at least 2 students by completing a "Private Lesson" request.      
  * Instructors are independent contractors and Knit Studio, LLC is not responsible for:                            
      * Guarantees by individual instructors                                  
      * Schedule changes by individual instructors                                  
      * Refunds of Class Fees for any reason                                  


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